Marketing Communications

Working for yourself as an independent contractor or freelancer? Small team? It can be a lonely out there and you may not have much of a budget for marketing or copywriting. But if you start the ball rolling, I can help with some advice on what to focus on and edit your content. Not sure where to start? With over 20 years experience in Marketing Communications and Development roles, here’s some idea of what I can help you with:

  • Editing and/or writing for websites, blog posts, email campaigns and social media posts
  • Developing, writing and/or copyediting proposals, grant applications and internal policy guidelines
  • Editing and/or writing for brochures, flyers, booklets and other marketing communications materials
  • Editing and/or writing for member/supporter magazines and newsletters (print and online)
  • Writing direct mail fundraising appeals, membership drives and donor communications
  • Proofreading for all marketing communications.

Clients include: non-profits, trainers, management consultants, presenters, psychologists, college consultants, nutritionists, financial planners and even a numerologist!

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