My Book

I am in the process of writing a book myself…how exciting!

I’m in the midst of the first “dirty draft” of a novel based on the life of my great-grandmother Margot. It is involving much research across several countries and I’m completely obsessed with it!

Here is the gist:

Born at the end of the 19th century into a wealthy, artistic merchant family in the small town of Kristiansund in Norway’s north, Margot Herlofsen imagines her life taking place in the comfort of the known: her parents, seven siblings, sea breezes, snowy winters, skiing, painting, music, books, embroidery and a life of ease.

As a young woman, she attends finishing schools in England and Germany and her horizon expands. When her elder sister Laura emigrates to the Argentine in the New World to be with her new husband, it has ramifications for Margot’s life she could never have anticipated.

In 1909, at 25 years old, Margot travels alone by steamship across the Atlantic to join her sister upon the arrival of her first baby. In a tiny timber town in the middle of the Gran Chaco she meets the man who will not only bring her back to the Argentine but take her all around the world. Together Volrath Vogt and Margot start a family in the Argentine, add to it back in Norway during the Great War, flourish in the post-war boom in London, recuperate from financial ruin in war-ravaged France, then manage cattle and more on a South African ranch before finally settling in far-flung New Zealand. Through boom and bust, success and disappointment, love and loss the family they create becomes as wanderlust as they are.

Crossing timeframes and timezones what emerges is a story of family tendencies, seeking home, finding adventure and following one’s curiosity and love.

I blog about the research and writing of it here Blog


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