Editing explained

When it comes to books, what I do mostly is referred to as copyediting. This entails reviewing and amending a manuscript for readability, sentence structure, tense, usage, grammar, spelling and punctuation. Inevitably though, some developmental or line editing becomes part of my process. This involves looking at general flow and clarity: querying order of events, points of confusion, tense used, suggesting small re-writes or additions/subtractions of certain areas of text for clarification or to lessen repetition of favorite phrases.

As a copyeditor, I can ensure an author’s story is the best possible version of what is written; that it is grammatically correct, it flows, is consistent and there are no typos; and that it is in the best shape possible either for an agent to see, or to publish through one of the pay-to-publish companies or yourself.

I provide some developmental editing in the broadest sense, providing comment on general flow and clarity and will question inconsistencies of characters, plot or language, but it is more at a paragraph and sentence level than chapter or overall. If you want a full developmental edit (review of overall book, character development, arc of story etc.) which you would use to then re-draft your manuscript, there are editors who specialize in this and this comes before a copyedit. But if you want a blend of the two main types of editing then my services might be perfect for your needs.

So, in a nutshell, from me you will receive a review and critique for general flow and clarity of your manuscript while (always, always) maintaining your voice and style, and assistance with the nitty-gritty detail.

I don’t ghost write in part or whole, meaning I edit what you have written and if I feel that a chapter could do with a section of dialogue to break up a large amount of description (or vice versa), or something needs adding to link two ideas, I may write a sentence as an example, or simply note “needs more description” and then its back to you.

You may or may not agree with what I suggest, and that is ok. It is your book and I, as both reader and copy-editor, can only highlight my thoughts and it is your choice what to do with that advice.

Who I work with, what I work with

I mostly work with writers looking to self-publish or pay-to-publish, and also with those seeking agents. Often my clients are first-time authors. I work in both fiction and non-fiction.

Genres I love—and have experience in copyediting—include family history/genealogy, romance, middle-grade fantasy, self-help and spirituality. I also have a knack for helping people for whom English is a second language to share tales from their homelands. I would love to work more with historical fiction and memoir and am open to most other genres. I will not edit books with horror or a high content of violence. No judgment, simply not what I want to read and there are other editors out there for that.

I’m neither an expert on any particular genre nor up to speed with the latest on what sells and what does not sell; that is the role of an agent and/or a book publicist.

But copyediting; that I am good at. Check out these books I’ve edited

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